Our approach to guiding children's behavior will be: by being good role models, by supervising/assisting minor misbehaviors that are non-injurious, and by frequent appropriate encouragement, being genuine and specific.

When positive verbal guidance is used there should be no need for behavior management.  It is the responsibility of the staff to reinforce positive actions throughout the day to ensure that all children are encouraged to develop a positive self-concept.

Physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation is not allowed.  Staff members are not allowed to deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity and must not use or permit the usage of any type of physical confinement, restraint, or isolation.  All disciplinary actions taken by the staff must be reasonable according to circumstances.

If behavior becomes a concern to the staff, it is to be reported as soon as possible to the Director, who will then determine what course of action should be taken and Midwest Family Connections will be consulted as well.  Please inform staff of any changes in the home which my affect your child's behavior (death, separation, medications, new baby, relocation, etc.).

Staff is instructed to try some or all of the following strategies to modify negative behaviours:

  • divert attention to more positive areas
  • help implement problem solving by being a moderator for the children
  • model good behavior and coping methods
  • separate the children to different centres in the room
  • sit down with the children involved and talk about what has happened and suggest a more appropriate way to handle it
  • ask the child to choose between two or more positive activities.  Tell them that what they are doing is not acceptable, but let them decide what to do instead.

Children are not permitted to physically hurt another child.  They are not to engage in activities that place themselves or others in danger (eg. climbing on furniture, using sharp or pointed objects, throwing toys, etc.)  Children are not allowed to damage or destroy the Centre's property or personal property of others.  Toy weapons are not to be brought to the Centre.  If a child is endangering the safety of himself or others, he/she may be removed to another room, being supervised at all times.  It is essential that the child understand why he/she is being removed from the room and that a discussion regarding the child's unacceptable behavior will follow.

Staff members are encouraged to praise or comment on good behavior so that children learn that appropriate positive behavior is appreciated and worthwhile.

As well, we ask for input from the staff to work out appropriate strategies, talk to the parent to see what steps they would like to see taken to stop the pattern of behavior, and/or have the parents meet with the Director and staff members who work in the room with the child to discuss the issues and look for a solution.