All parents will be required to sign a permission form for all walks and outings.  This form will state the nature of the outing and the procedures that will be taken.  Example:  type of transport, distance of the outing, expected time of departure, approximate time of arrival at the daycare, all supervision requirements and that a portable emergency book will accompany the group.  If this form is not signed, then permission for the child is not granted.

The staff will be responsible for the following:

  • The Portable Emergency Book, kleenex, first aid kit, hand wipes, list of all children's names that are in the group, cell phone or walkie talkie.
  • Leaving a detailed list with the front staff, which includes the names of all children going on the outing, names of the two staff supervising them, names of any volunteers with them, cell phone number, map of the route taken, departure time from daycare and arrival time at the daycare(no later than 3:30 pm).  If later than 3:30 pm, arrangements must have been made with the children's parents, the Director and the other staff of the Daycare.
  • Staff are responsible for all safety precautions which include: informing the children of the outing and discussing all safety rules and expectation, head count to be done on departure, arrival at destination, and if the outing is a walk, every once and awhile, traffic safety rules (holding hands, walk together as a group, only cross at a crosswalk or curb and only when safe to do so, if riding in a vehicle everyone remains seated, buckled, etc.)