The Centre places a lot of emphasis on cleanliness and good health practices.  The following are some of our practices:

  • Each room, as well as the front office, has a First Aid Kit.  The First Aid Kit is taken along whenever a group leaves the Centre for any reason.
  • Sterile gloves are used by the staff to practice universal safety precautions, in changing diapers, and in the food preparation in the kitchen.
  • Toys, sleep mats, blankets and sheets are washed with a disinfectant weekly. 
  • Children and staff wash hands before and after eating, after toileting, after crafts, and after sneezing or coughing.
  • Parents must take children home if they are ill or staff member suspects a contagious condition.
  • Facility furnishings and toys are kept in good repair to avoid any possible health hazards.
  • The Cook has taken a food handler's course and good hygiene practices are vigorously practice in the food preparation area.
  • The Daycare Director is responsible for daily monitoring of the hygiene practices and has the authority to order supplies and maintenance when necessary.  Board members who have children attending the Daycare also monitor on a daily basis and bring suggestions and concerns to the Director's attention.