The Camrose Children's Centre has an open door policy and we encourage parents to visit the Centre anytime and we invite you to explore your child's world when the opportunity arises.

Because most of our parents are working, we try to schedule some evening events so that these parents can be involved. Some of our special activities  include our Christmas concert, Pumpkin Party, and workshops of interest to our parents.

We invite parents to volunteer by working at the Centre, serving on the Board of Directors or providing activities and equipment.

Newsletters are produced each month and are available at the front counter.  Parents are encouraged to read the newsletters as they contain information regarding upcoming events, dates the Centre is closed, fundraising events, etc.  The newsletters are also available on our website.

We also encourage all our parents to become actively involved in fundraising in any capacity.  A portion of our revenue is generated through fundraising for program supplies, educational toys, upkeep of the building and playground equipment.  By helping with fundraising, it helps the Centre keep the childcare costs at a reasonable level.