Videos and DVD's are not be used as part of the Centre's daily routine.  They are only to be used twice a month and will adhere to the following guidelines:  An adult has previewed the material to make sure that it contains no violence, no sexually explicit material, is unbiased, culturally sensitive and age appropriate (Rated G).  When videos or DVD's are used, they are to centre around the children's interests and activities.  Other age appropriate activities are to be available for the children who do not wish to participate.

Computer games are restricted to two times a week and are no longer than 1/2 hour in length.  These are available only in kindergarten room and are educational games.  The games are previewed by an adult before the child uses them to make sure they are age appropriate, contain no violence, no sexually explicit material, are unbiased and culturally sound.  An adult will be present in the same room to ensure adequate supervision when children are on the computer.